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Renters Insurance

Perfect for renters.

Contents Insurance starts from just €105. Price based on a house built in 2001, €25,000 contents cover, claims-free for 3 years with a burglar and smoke alarm.

Insure the things you love

You work hard to pay the rent, and you spend your hard-earned cash on the things you love. Now you can protect your most valued contents in your home from theft, storm, flood, water and fire damage - at a price that won't break the bank.

If you are currently renting a house or apartment, you should know the details of who insures what. For instance, if there's a leak in your home and your personal belongings are destroyed, are you covered? Find out below.

What does the landlord cover?

By law, the landlord must insure the building itself. Management fees are normally used to insure the apartment building on behalf of the landlord. So if there's a building-wide leak or a fire, the building is covered.

Fixed items belonging to the landlord such as, kitchen fittings, built-in wardrobes and white appliances.

Be aware, the landlord does not cover your personal belongings, or furnishings you've added.

What should renters insure?

Any personal belongings and valuable contents in your home, as they would not be covered in the case of theft, storm, flood, water and fire damage.

Items such as an engagement ring, watches or other jewellery; audio visual equipment such as TVs and gaming consoles, tablets and laptops; instruments; fine art, clothing and furniture.

If you own a house or apartment, then you likely have buildings insurance but you still need contents insurance for your valuables inside your home.

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Contents Insurance benefits

A small price to protect your most loved things.

Contents insurance starts from just €105*, and protects your belongings against loss or damage due to theft, storm, flood/water and fire. Plus you can spread your payments out with a pay-monthly option, so you can get peace of mind that won't break the bank.

*Price based on a house built in 2001, €25,000 contents cover, claims-free for 3 years with a burglar and smoke alarm.

Contents Insurance from AXA - Benefits
  • Accidental damage for audio visual equipment

    Imagine you accidentally knock over and damage your smart TV. With contents insurance, you get up to €2000 cover for each entertainment item that is damaged accidentally, so you won't be left out-of-pocket.

  • Gift cover

    We all dread our home being broken in to. It's the last thing you want, especially after your big day or during the festive season. Now you can keep the gifts you receive from friends and family safe, with contents cover extending to wedding and Christmas gifts.

  • Protection for your most loved valuables

    Recently engaged? Have you invested in goods with a high-value price tag? Now you can protect your most valuable items such as jewellery, fine art, computers and instruments.

  • Replacement locks

    If your keys are stolen from your home, replacement locks are covered for up to €750.

  • Garage or shed contents insurance

    A garage or shed can sometimes be an easy target for burglers. So we cover your gardening equipment and other belongings that might be stored inside.

Tailor your cover to suit you

We understand that our customers have different needs. For an additional cost, you can choose convenient extras to suit your lifestyle.

Contents Insurance from AXA - Tailor your cover
  • Peace of mind at all times

    Insure your belongings when you're out and about, with cover for your bike, camera and jewellery.

  • Accidental damage

    For those "oops" moments. If you accidentally spill coffee on your laptop or if you splash paint on the sofa, we will repair or replace it for you. Because accidents happen.

  • Bicycle cover

    Are you a keen cyclist? Now you can get excess-free cover for your bicycle to protect against accidental damage, theft or fire. Bring your bike to Europe or the world for up to 60 days under the same contents insurance policy.

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