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Get House Insurance from €160

AXA Home Insurance starts from as little as €160 per year and includes our 24/7 Emergency Home Assistance service as standard. Together, we’ve got this.

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Policy terms and conditions apply. Minimum premium is €160. Price is based on a 52-year-old in Wexford. House built in 2001. €140,000 buildings cover, €25,000 contents cover claims-free for 3 years with a burglar alarm.

How to get an online Home Insurance quote?

AXA has a simple online form which you can complete right now. Just click “Get a quote” and you can start the process. You can start your insurance cover immediately or you can save the quote for later reference.

Why choose AXA House Insurance?

Your AXA insurance quote can include buildings insurance and/or contents insurance. Your cover can include loss from fire, theft, flood and storm, escape of water and oil, malicious acts and subsidence. Use the table below to compare insurance cover for each category.

Buildings Insurance

Protects your house, sheds and outhouses. Includes cover for permanent fixtures like kitchen units and bathroom fittings.

Contents Insurance

Protects your most-loved belongings, like engagement rings, electronics, paintings and furniture. Ideal if you’re renting.

Buildings & Contents Insurance

Comprehensive cover that protects your property and your belongings.

Emergency Home Assistance More

24-hour Emergency Home Assistance in the event of an emergency in your home.

Alternative accommodation More

If your home is damaged and unfit to live in, we’ll pay for alternative accommodation while your home is being repaired.

Escape of water More

Covers water damage from pipes and kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Accidental damage for audio visual equipment More

For up to €2000 per item.

Replacement locks More

If your keys are stolen from your home we’ll pay €750 towards replacing the locks.

Fire brigade charges More

If the fire brigade calls to your home to control or put out a fire we will cover the charges for up to €3000.

Accidental damage to fixed glass More

Covers accidental breakage of mirrors, fixed glass in furniture and ceramic hobs.

Increased cover for weddings and Christmas More

We will automatically increase your contents cover by 10% to insure wedding gifts, one month before and one month after the wedding day and during the month of December for Christmas gifts.

Contents in the garden More

Up to €1000 cover for loss or damage to contents that are usually kept outside, in the garden, for example garden furniture.

Jury service More

We will pay you €20 a day (for up to €750), for each day you go to jury service.

Accidental loss or theft of oil More

We’ll cover up to €750 towards loss of domestic heating oil.

Money and bank cards More

Up to €750 for loss of money and up to €1500 if your bank card is stolen and misused.

Damage to underground services More

This covers accidental damage to cables, underground pipes, septic tanks and drain inspection covers.

Public liability More

We’ll cover the amounts you’re legally responsible to pay as damages for accidental injury to a visitor in your home.


Buildings Insurance

Protects your house, sheds and outhouses. Includes cover for permanent fixtures like kitchen units and bathroom fittings.

Contents Insurance

Protects your most-loved belongings, like engagement rings, electronics, paintings and furniture. Ideal if you’re renting.

Buildings & Contents Insurance

Comprehensive cover that protects your property and your belongings.

Terms and conditions apply. Please see the policy booklet for more information.

Additional Irish household insurance options for property and personal belongings from AXA

Create the ideal house insurance cover for your unique needs be adding any of the following insurance options to your policy:

Extended Personal belongings and valuables cover

You can add cover for loss or damage to personal belongings that you usually bring outside of your home, like your watch, camera or laptop.

Accidental damage cover

This covers accidents such as paint spills, putting a foot through the attic floor, or accidentally dropping a computer or TV.

Personal Accident Cover

This covers you, your partner and children up to the age of 18 for injuries arising from accidents within your home.

Bicycle Cover

Are you a keen cyclist? You can also cover bicycles on your home insurance policy protecting your bike against accidental damage, theft or fire.

What other types of home insurance can AXA Ireland offer?

Get cheaper house insurance with these discounts

You can lower the cost of your home insurance quote with AXA with any of the following discounts:


No Claims Discount

Save 30% after three consecutive years without any claims (10% after one year and 15% after two)


Online discount

Save 15% when you get a quote online


Careful Home-owners discount

Save 10% if you have an approved working intruder alarm

All discounts are subject to a €160 minimum premium.

Combine your AXA home insurance with car or van insurance from AXA Ireland and get an even lower insurance quote

Did you know that if you already have a car, home, or van insurance policy with us you can save even more on your insurance costs?

Car Insurance

Save 10% on any new car policy if we also insure your car, home or van.

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Home Insurance

Save 5% on Home Insurance if we also insure your car or your partner’s car.

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Van Insurance

If you insure your or your partner's car with us save 30% on your Van Insurance.

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Frequently asked questions
  • Why do I need home insurance?

    Although home insurance is not required by law, many mortgage providers will require you to have buildings insurance in order to receive your loan. They do this to ensure that your building is fully protected in the event of any incidents which in turn, helps protect their investment.

    The main reason as to why you, as the owner, need home insurance is to protect the financial investment which is your house. Without home insurance, in the event of any incident you may be left to pay out of pocket, which often can be quite a financial burden.

    AXA’s Home Insurance policies help protect you, your home and all your belongings from the unexpected giving you the peace of mind that we are always here to help.

  • What is covered under AXA home insurance?

    With AXA, we aim to ensure that whatever type of home you have – be it a rented property or property that you own, we are here to protect you.

    AXA’s home insurance covers buildings and contents against unexpected accidents such as fire, theft, flood and storm, along with much more. Our home insurance is available in three different forms - buildings insurance, contents insurance, and buildings and contents allowing you to choose the best policy for your home.

  • What home insurance policies does AXA offer?

    Buildings Insurance – This covers the property’s structure, fixed appliances along with any sheds/outhouses in the event of fire, flooding or storm damage. It also includes any damage to your underground services, windows, or any escaped water from the likes of kitchen pipes. This does not cover any belongings or contents you may have within the home.

    Contents Insurance – This cover provides protection for any of your personal belongings or valuable contents within the home. This type of insurance is recommended to those who are renting their house as it will only protect your contents and not the building structure.

    Buildings & Contents Insurance – This cover protects both the physical building, along with all contents/belongings within the home from unexpected events.

    The full range of what is covered under AXA’s home insurance is available in our policy documents, including terms and conditions.

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