How can I insure my home at the most suitable premium?

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To attain the best value home insurance policy that meets your requirements, you will need to decide which home insurance policy is most suitable for your property. The home insurance policy that you require will be dependent on a number of factors. For example, should your policy be contents only insurance, buildings only insurance, or building & contents insurance. To decide which is the most appropriate for you, think of what is in your best interest to protect. You may be renting and only wish to protect your contents, or you may be a landlord and only wish to protect your buildings . To cover these different areas, AXA has several different levels of home insurance cover.

Insure my home at the best home insurance premium

Is there a way to lower my home insurance premium?

Here at AXA, we are always trying to ensure our customers get the most suitable insurance for their homes at a great price. Therefore, we have numerous different ways for you to lower your home insurance premium while still having a home policy that covers your requirements.

Firstly, at AXA we offer our customers a wide variety of discounts on their home insurance. Not only do we reward customers with up to 30% no claims discount (after three consecutive years without any claims), we also offer 10% off if you have an approved working intruder alarm. For more information on the various discounts we offer here at AXA, you can contact one of our home insurance team members on 1890 247 365.

Secondly, you can choose to increase your home insurance excess. By increasing your excess, you are thus increasing the amount that you must first pay in the event of any incident before we pay the remaining part of the claim. Currently, our standard home insurance excess fee is €250, however if you decide to increase this, we will then lower your home insurance premium.

How do I decide how much I should insure my home for?

Deciding how much you should insure your home for is completely dependent on which home insurance cover you feel is best for your home, whether it is contents, buildings insurance or both.

Buildings insurance premium, among other things, is based on the amount it would cost to completely rebuild your house. Once you have independently determined this, AXA will then help you to insure your property at a level that will cover these costs, and give you peace of mind that your building is protected.

If you are considering contents insurance, the best way to decide for how much, is to estimate the current open market value of your contents. This will then give you a guide as to what your contents should be insured for, and then we at AXA will be able to help you ensure you are protecting your possessions

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