Is women's car insurance different from men's car insurance?

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A common misconception surrounding car insurance is that there is a difference between men and women's insurance regarding cover and cost. However, an EU ruling in 2012 meant that offering women cheaper insurance based on their gender is a form of gender discrimination and so this differentiation could no longer be made. Therefore, women’s car insurance can no longer be different from men’s car insurance.

Women's car insurance

What factors are involved in calculating a car insurance quote?

In order to calculate your car insurance quote, the insurance provider weighs up the risk involved.

The following are some of the main factors which companies would consider:

  • Your Age – Premiums may differ depending on your age.

  • Your Driving Record - Premiums may differ depending on your driving history.

  • Your Car - The type of car you drive may influence your car insurance quote.

Clearly, gender is not one of the main factors involved in car insurance quotes. Men and women may see a difference in their car insurance quotes due to a variety of reasons including the car they drive, age, driving history etc.

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