A quote for van insurance is 30% cheaper if your car is insured with AXA

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An unexpected event can occur at any time, and we at AXA want you to be prepared for it. This is why we offer van insurance which will give you complete peace of mind. If you already have your car insured with AXA, to thank you for your loyalty, we offer a discount of 30% if you decide to also insure your van with us.

Just like car insurance, van insurance is legally required for all van drivers. If your van is on the road either for work or your own personal use, then you must take out a van insurance policy, which will protect you in the event of an accident. We are here to help you choose the best insurance cover for your van.

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What decisions are involved when taking out an AXA van insurance policy?

Choose the policy of your choice:

  • Standard Van Insurance: Our standard van insurance plan policy includes unlimited cover for injury to a third party, such as pedestrians or other drivers. Standard Van Insurance also protects you against damage to other people’s property, with up to €5 million in the case of an accident such as a collision with another vehicle. We will also offer third party trailer cover subject to terms and conditions.

  • Premier Van Insurance: Our Premier Van Insurance policy includes everything you would get with standard van insurance, plus a range of added extras. You receive a reduced accidental damage excess. If your vehicle is written off, you can avail of New vehicle Replacement. Claims for fire and theft will not affect your no-claims bonus.

Choose the cover for your policy:

  • Comprehensive: This covers your van, your passengers, as well as any third party damage. . It also protects your van against vandalism and theft.

  • Third party, fire, and theft (TPF&T): This covers the cost of any damage to third party property you cause, but also provides protection for your van against theft and damage caused by fire.

  • Third party only (TPO): This covers your liability for injury to others including any damage to third party property

To make a decision on your ideal coverage, or if you have any query relating to your van insurance policy, you can talk to one of our experts.

What are the add-ons given with the insurance?

At AXA, we strongly believe in giving the best value van insurance. At an additional cost, you can choose to add extras like windscreen cover, 24-hour breakdown assistance and other add-ons which are available depending on your policy. If you are one of our premium policy holders, we already provide you with added benefits such as replacement van , personal belongings and fire brigade charges cover.

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30% discount if your car is insured with us

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