Irish School of Motoring
Irish School of Motoring

With you from the start

We have teamed up with the Irish School of Motoring to make getting on the road easier than ever.

We know learning how to drive is an exciting – and challenging – process and, at AXA, we’re with you every step of the way.

As an AXA customer you’ll get 12 lessons for just €445 with the Irish School of Motoring (ISM), and up to €400 off your car insurance.

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A partnership to drive you forward

Learning how to drive can be expensive. As part of our promise to make things easier, we’re helping with the cost of driving lessons.

Not only does our partnership with the Irish School of Motoring help you to save on driving lessons, it also allows you to potentially reduce the cost of your insurance.

Once you complete the 12 lessons within 6 months, we’ll discount your insurance by up to €400 if you have your own policy. It’s that easy!

Don’t have your own car just yet? We’re offering 50% off the additional premium of up to €400 when you become a named driver on another policy.

Save with safe driving

We’re serious about helping you to get on the road – as quick and as safely as possible. In partnership with the Irish School of Motoring, we’ve developed an AXA Test Drive.

Available to all existing customers, the Test Drive is a 45-minute assessment of your driving skills.

Once you’ve successfully completed it, you’ll get up to 20% off your car insurance along with the €60 booking fee refunded back. Minimum premium €327.

Driving you forward with confidence

We want to help young drivers get on the road and stay on the road by giving them the best and safest start possible.

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